Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why does a game not display or I just see a blank screen?

Answer: Some quality games are larger in size and can take a while to load and may just display a white or black screen while loading, just give them some time. Please be patient, because in general those games come with better graphic quality! If it still seems stuck after a while, try refreshing the page which will reload it.

Question: You only offer a few Online Games – will you be adding more?

Answer: Absolutely! If you know of good quality flash games you can even request or recommend them to be added to the site using the contact form on the Bottom of this page.

Question: Can I submit my high scores ?

Answer: Only some of the games will let you submit your high score and at the end will ask you.

Question: Is there a way to save my game?

Answer: Again this will depend on the game, unfortunately most flash games will not have this feature.

Question: I would like to report a bug in a game or on the website?

Answer: Sure, all feedback is welcome and I'll do my best to correct it, just use the contact form on the bottom of the page.

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