Pivot Stickfigure Animator 3.1 Download

Like Pivot animations, start playing and make your own now.
Clicking on link opens in new window, Once opended click Softpedia Mirror (US) - Beta [exe]. Then follow on screen instructions. Also Download weapons and other interesting objects at http://droidz.org/.

Pivot Links 1

DarkDemon.org, the biggest and best pivot community and features some great animators and animations.
DDCollab.com, a dedicated site for the DarkDemon.org animation collab. Visit the site to watch the entire series.
/Bolt, A site made by an Elite pivoter, Bolt, who offers his animations and sticks for downloading.
ForTheLose, Jynxs' new animation, comic, and video site. Great layout.
Das Deutsche Pivotforum, A popular German Pivot site.
Epyks, Jon/Skype's personal site. Filled with animations, music, photoshop, and even a blog.
VicousDuck.org, ViciousDucks' awesome blog, and forum. Complete with its own proxy, file host, a good ol' rick roll, the whole nine yards.
fynmark.org, the site with no slogan, but plenty of pivot, art, forums, and even a image and file host.
A Flyers Blog, The big FAT awesome Weblog about the not-so-famous, Frequentflyer... you'll like it.
Pivot Network, A catalog of pivot sites, sticks, and a downland to pivot version 2.2.5
Hippie Pivot, A forum with an awesome Animation Community. Active and friendly!
DeadLast, OMG Vengence made a blog! Forums too. Check it out.
Animtastic, A German pivot site focused on the fun of animation.

Pivot Links 2

Pivot Forum, One of the original Pivot Forums is back in need of new members.
w3sticks, W3ST4WAYs site with a small forum in need of members.

kr1s.net, This is kris's blog. He blogs about stuff. If you have time to kill, go here.
UploadAnimations, A site run by Chris, a forum member here, includes lots of features like a flash uploader, point system and even a blog!
AnimationTrain, Essence's/Ess's New Site, complete with a forum, some articles, still updating and improving.
Zero Atoms, A website run by .Sean, he posts about almost anything really, from animation to gaming and anything in between.
The Avatar Gallery, Need a quick avatar? This is the place.
QWERTYUIOP, Sambob's new forum. Looks like a chill place.
Doctors Realm, DoctorDRG's blog site. Lots of Gimp (a photoshop alternative) tutorials, get your learn on.
Demon King Forums, A general, creative focused, animation forum thats becomming active.
Animation Shed, A website run by .Sean, he makes regular posts containing animations, art works, flash games and related tutorials and news.
Just Another Pivot Site, Glenn's pivot site. Cool forum.
AnimatorX, A forum for all types of animators & graphics designers
Pivot Animation, The original home of Pivot.